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Epson printer bundle for Blacquer
examining pigment samples

At Blacquer we have over 15 years experience in the development of water based inkjet inks for various applications.  Our development and manufacture site is based in the United Kingdom and we have a wealth of knowledge in the water based inkjet area.

Our technical team strive for perfection with every development and never compromise on quality

from raw materials to finished product, ensuring that Blacquer inks perform to the highest standards.


A revolution in the production of screen positives



Blacquer ink uses pigments rather than dyes to colour the ink.  These high quality pigments absorb more of the UV rays from the light source when exposing a screen compared to dye based alternative inks.  This means that less UV light is transferred through the image positive and thus a better screen is produced.  Having a very high density image also means that screens can be exposed for longer to provide a better quality screen.